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Wind Powered Car or Hybrid Wind Powered Car Possible

Recently the question was brought up; can we build a wind powered car to help save gasoline? That would be truly incredible indeed, a car that drives on wind alone you see? Well could it be possible? One online think tank has been addressing this issue and it maybe possible to make a wind powered car actually or rather a hybrid using wind as a major component. One think tank member has determined the subject to be worthy and stated; "I wanted to show that there are other possibilities for the wind power concept".Indeed this is a noble idea and something that we should be looking into to develop answers to determine if it is feasible.One thought was to use a special skin or body of the vehicle made of Titanium Dioxide, which would take the ambient air between sheets of the body and use the low pressure air to create moisture, then split the H20 and use the hydrogen to run a fuel cell on board. The oxygen could then be released into the air.

In considering this concept our think tank guest stated; "On your thought I think that could happen.".Although we are somewhat off the subject of Wind Powered Automobiles this is my preliminary concept since you asked the question.I am pretty certain it will work too, but would need some help from a certain researcher in Ohio who knows Titanium Dioxide better than anyone. Also I would need to talk with another firm, Eaton in OH and an aerospace designer who works with wind tunnels and getting rid of the moisture they cause.

Nevertheless this is the concept I came up with in a nutshell trying to incorporate a wind car and a hydrogen cell motor to charge a battery-operated vehicle. Consider this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board.

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By: Lance Winslow

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