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The Benefits Of Buying A Used Car And How To Love It

The best smell in the whole world has got to be that new car smell. It's easily recognizable, and the mind associates the smell with happiness. Who isn't happy when they get a new car? But, along with that new smell comes a high price tag, and instant depreciation the second you drive off the lot.

For some people, it's a must have to get the new car with 0 miles, but there are other options to get that new car smell. A used car, from a certified used car dealership, carries with it a high percentage chance to possess that new car smell as well. Think of all the other benefits. The price tag will be much more appealing. A used car, just a year or two old, will still have the new car reliability, warranty, and new gadgets.

If the previous owner wasn't a chain smoker or guinea pig owner, it'll have that new car smell. Now, I won't lie to you. The new car smell in a used car may not have the shelf life of a new-new car, but you'll still have those moments of bliss. The new-used car smell is born from the hard work of car detailers, and some clever chemical engineering. The detailers give your new used car a super shakedown, wiping, cleaning, and vacuuming every square inch of your car, and getting all the spaces in between.

This process can only be done with tools not available for purchase by the general public. It's a bit of an underground thing among car dealers. When the car manufacturers build their new automobiles, they apply their secret new car smell formula to all the upholstery. This smell is worn off, to a point, from use of the car. The detailer's high-tech cleaning tools have the amazing ability to refresh some of that new car formula in the fabrics. This process brings back the smell, and combined with sustaining chemicals the used car dealers have, the new-used car smell is born.

It's wonderful. Some things to keep in mind while you enjoy the new-used car smell? Enjoy the small imperfections, or big, of your new ride. It's used, which sometimes carries a negative context, but that just means that it is broken in, and now carries personality. That little scratch on the dash? That's when the previous owner's son threw a tantrum and kicked off his shoe that was also full of sand and rocks. The small stain on the back seat is when grandpa said he would be just fine drinking that Pepsi. There are a few scratches on the back left panel, from an off-road adventure through a corn field.

That could be why the alignment is a little off as well. No matter what the special quality is of your used car, learn to love it, not despise it. Your car has lived a life, and the history comes with it. It's the small things that you remember about your car, and it's those details that make the car unique. When the time comes for the car to die, then let it die and remember the good times. Enjoy the ride, perform regular maintenance, and love your new-used car.

And of course, soak up that new car smell.

The article was written by Luke Anderson. He is a writer working for Rocky Mountain Honda Dealers. If your looking for Boulder used car dealers or some information on Colorado Springs auto dealers make a quick stop at the site for some great ideas.

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