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Take a Ride to the Future In A Hybrid Car

Utilizing the latest in advanced technology, hybrid cars might just provide a glimpse into the future of automobiles. Hybrid cars sport sleek and futuristic looks, but these cars aren't just for show. These scientific marvels make use of both electric and gas power to make for a cleaner, more cost efficient, and environmentally friendlier car. As the world's supply of oil inevitably runs out and the prices of gasoline continue to skyrocket to staggering new heights, more and more people have begun to look for an alternative way to power their cars, as well as to save some money. Thankfully, the rise of hybrid cars are providing a much needed solution to these problems and more. The popularity of hybrid cars continue to grow as more people begin to realize the many advantages that hybrid cars hold over conventional ones.

So, what is a hybrid car and how does it work? As the name suggests, hybrid cars utilizes a combination of different technologies. Hybrid cars use an electric propulsion system together with of a gas propulsion system to great effect. Hybrids cars consist mostly of the same basic parts as normal gas cars.

They contain a gasoline engine, a fuel tank, batteries, and a transmission. The difference is that hybrid cars also contain an electric motor and in some cases a generator, that work in conjunction with the gasoline engine to run the transmission. A hybrid car can work in different ways. In a parallel hybrid system, both the gasoline engine and the electric motor are connected to the transmission. The car alternates between the two and sometime uses them together. It typically works by using the electric motor to power the car at lower speeds and once the car reaches a certain speed, the car will automatically switch to the gasoline engine to give it extra power.

Other cars use what is called a series hybrid system. In this method, the gasoline engine is used to power a generator. The generator is responsible for charging the batteries that power the electric motor, which in turn, turns the transmission causing the car to move. The gasoline engine in a series hybrid never actually runs the car directly. Some of the later hybrid models have a feature that stores up the kinetic energy that is built up when braking and uses it to further charge the car's batteries.

The biggest advantage of a hybrid is that it uses a lot less fuel than normal cars. Hybrid owners will be very happy with the mileage that these cars are capable of. It also helps that hybrid cars tend to be built with lighter materials like aluminum and plastic. The engine is also typically smaller and specially designed to consume less fuel. Environmentalist will also be very pleased with hybrids seeing as how they emit far less air pollution. Using a hybrid car helps makes our world a cleaner and more beautiful place to live in.

The government is also very fond of hybrid cars. So much so that they're offering buyers tax incentives and other benefits. In some states, hybrid car owners can drive their hybrids in the high occupancy lane, even if they're all alone in their cars.

The earlier hybrid car models tended to have unique and special designs, but as more and more manufacturers are catching on to the hybrid craze, they have begun to create hybrid versions of their normal cars. The Honda Civic Hybrid for example, looks more or less exactly like a regular Civic. Buying a hybrid car will inevitably cost more than a regular one. However, the money that is saved from the lower fuel consumption, along with the tax deductions will eventually make up for the extra cost of a hybrid.

Those who drive frequently will be the ones that benefit most from this. With all the of the benefits that hybrid cars give, it's no wonder that they're so quickly gaining in popularity. Hybrid owners figure that it's an excellent way to save money on gas and it gives them a good feeling, knowing that they're making a difference in the environment. So those who are in interested should go seriously consider owning one and join the ever growing number of people who are stepping into the future with hybrid cars.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can get more news and information on hybrid cars.

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