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Jaguar XK Car Of The Year Best Coupe Awardee

Another set of honors goes to the Jaguar brand. During the 2006 Auto Express New Car Honors, the 'Car of the Year' award was granted to the Jaguar sports car XK. Another award was given to the Jaguar brand as per the 'Best Coupe' award was presented to the coupe version of the Jaguar XK.The Jaguar XK also is known by other names such as the XK8, XKR, and the XK. It is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and is marketed under the Jaguar brand.

It has been in production since 1997 and up until the present, this remarkable vehicle continues to be produced. It took over the spot of the Jaguar XJS in the line up of Jaguar vehicles. It is a GT car and has been produced in two body styles which comprise of the FR sports car with two doors and the FR convertible also holding two doors.

Geoff Cousins is the managing director at the Jaguar Cars in the United Kingdom.On the awards that the Jaguar XK took home, he remarked, "We are delighted that Auto Express shares our view that the new Jaguar XK is very special. At the outset Jaguar's aim was to deliver a sporting Grand Tourer that on the one hand cossets the driver and on the other offers an involving and rewarding experience ? the true heart and soul of a sports car. For those who have had the pleasure to experience the new XK, I am sure they will agree that we achieved just that.".As on the end of Auto Express, David Johns, the editor in chief of the mentioned group, expresses, "From the moment we first heard rumors about the new Jaguar XK we were excited.

When the first pictures appeared we were hooked and early passenger rides in prototypes merely served to heighten our anticipation."What's more it proves Britain still has the expertise, experience and ability to produce world beaters. Ground-breaking, bold, beguiling, and breathtaking, the Jaguar XK is a British sports car that we can all be proud of.".

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By: Michelle Crimson

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