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Increasing Miles per Gallon

How do you get more miles per gallon of gas or diesel? The number one factor for increasing gas mileage is to keep up on your vehicles maintenance. With everyone leading busy life styles it is often easy to overlook car maintenance and by doing this you are often failing to get the best gas mileage. When was the last time you vehicle has had a tune up? If it has been a few years or your vehicle is running or idling a little rough or your miles per gallon has decreased you may be wanting to schedule an automotive tuneup. A complete tuneup with an engine diagnostic test is performed. Spark plugs and air filters are usually replaced and spark plug wires if found defective will be replaced.

At this point gasoline and airflow adjustments are performed. It may be found that your diesel engine has a defective glow plug or your gas engine has a clogged or dirty fuel injectors then your engine performance will be poor. It may be discovered on an engine diagnostic that you have a faulty oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced or other sensors that help keep your engines performance and emissions at optimum levels. A weak battery or alternator can affect your charging system putting more of a load on your engine and decrease your gas mileage.

A complete tuneup can usually result in getting more miles per gallon. It would not be unusual for a vehicle worse case that has a bad oxygen sensor to get better gas mileage of 40%. If you have been looking into doing some improvements yourself start with properly inflated tires this can add increases in gas mileage of a few percent.

Check and replace a dirty air filter this simple replacement could add up to 10%. Consider a gasoline additive every 2000 miles this could help keep your engine and fuel injectors clean but check your owners manual first. These few simple items you can check yourself could save you hundreds of dollars by increasing gas mileage.

Learn how to Improve Gas Mileage secrets to Better Gas Mileage

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