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Get the Ride of Your Dreams at a Repossessed Vehicle Auction

Have you ever seen a high speed chase on the news? One where the police bravely try to catch some crazy runaway fugitive, all while maintaining the security of the innocent bystanders and passing vehicles? While watching this remarkable seen of courage, has the thought, "Wow! That's a pretty sweet ride that fugitive guy is driving! I wonder what's going to happen to it?", ever crossed your mind? Well if it has, the answer is simple; the repossessed vehicles are auctioned off to the highest bidder. After all, with all the criminals being apprehended everyday, something has to be done about all of their rides, right? A repossessed vehicle auction consist of seized vehicles that once belonged to criminals or were used in some illegal activity. Alternatively, those who have failed to pay their loans to the government may also have their vehicles taken away. These auctions can have a variety of different vehicles like trucks, mini-vans, SUVs, and motorcycles. It isn't uncommon to find exotic vehicle models like BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Harley-Davidson, and even Lamborghini's.

There are also the occasional rare vintage models that are sure to garner much interest from collectors. Of course, there are also the more mundane types available because after all, not all crooks are rich enough to drive a Porsche. Some have to settle for a Volkswagen. With such a large amount of possibilities, a repossessed vehicle auction makes a very attractive place to look for a ride. There's even a chance that they might have the car of your dreams up for grabs.

Whatever vehicle that your interested in, there is always a good chance of getting in for a lower price in an auction than in other more conventional means. So now that you know about repossessed vehicle auctions, the next question is how do you get into one? Repossessed vehicle auctions are held often, sometimes up to once a month. There are auctions taking place all over the country, so chances are that there will be one taking place in an area near you. Information about the specific times and locations of upcoming auctions can be gotten from a variety of sources such as the internet.

A good idea is to check your local newspaper to see if they are advertising any auctions nearby or contain phone numbers that can be called for more detailed information. Not all who enter these actions end up as winners. To avoid not getting anything or worse getting ripped off, it is vital to properly prepare. There are some things to remember in order to help become a success. First of all, be sure that the auction your attending is legitimate, as there are those who try to pass their illegal auctions as authentic.

Do some research and ask around before splashing your cash. After all, it would be rather ironic to have your newly bought car seized by the government for auctioning. All legitimate auctions will allow participants to preview the available vehicles several days in advance. Take this time to research the vehicles, taking special note of the vehicles market price. They also provide the in-depth information on the vehicle's history, although it doesn't hurt to check this yourself using the vehicle identification number.

If possible have a person who actually knows about vehicles come and inspect them with you. Although there are bound to be some defects with most of the vehicles, a mechanic can give you a good idea if a vehicle is worth bidding for or just a pile of scrap metal. Although anyone can enter a repossessed vehicle auction, they must first register in order to participate. Some of those that are new to these auctions might not realize this and attempt to make a bid without registering, thus nullifying their bids.

Getting involved in a spectacular one-on-one bidding war, ending with a massive bid from your rival can be somewhat embarrassing when they find out you where never really eligible to participate in the first place. Don't get carried away with your bids. Set up a price that your willing to pay for a vehicle and stick with it. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out, but fortunately there is always a next time. Lastly, be sure to fully understand and follow the rules of the auction, so as to not be disqualified.

With a bit of luck you can end up with a really great vehicle for an affordable price. That's what makes repossessed vehicle auctions so great.

Cordel Dietzig is a long time auto auction attendee and also
co owner of where he helps shed some light on Auto Auctions

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