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E Availability Problems Persist

E85, the blend of fuel consisting of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, continues to receive plenty of positive press thanks in part to the efforts of American automakers to tout the availability of certain vehicles capable of running on this important fuel source. While the concept of E85 is good -- ethanol lowers our dependence on foreign oil and promotes a cleaner environment -- its availability is currently very limited. Efforts to change all of that are currently underway, but it could take years to make the transition.

Please read on to learn what is being done to broaden E85 availability nationwide.E85 is not some fad nor is it likely to gain full traction any time soon. Back in the days of the first Henry Ford, the Model T was designed to run on either straight gasoline or ethanol. However, historically low gas prices kept ethanol from gaining ground and this alternative fuel source has never fully caught on.During the 1980s, ethanol once again made news when the alternate fuel was put in as an additive to gasoline. Today, all vehicles that are built can run on as much as 10% ethanol in a bid by the federal government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower our dependency on foreign oil.

E85 can only be used in vehicles built expressly for that purpose.Special fuel lines are installed to help thwart corrosion, a bane of ethanol. So, if your vehicle hasn't been built to run on ethanol, stay away from the fuel.Most E85 sold in the US is derived from corn, a crop that is available in great abundance in the US. However, the number of plants available to process corn into ethanol is limited as are the number of fueling stations.

Two US senators have introduced legislation that would, if passed, give service stations a $30,000 credit toward the building of E85 pumps. Currently, less than 1% of the service stations across the country sell E85 fuel, with most of those stations concentrated in the upper Midwest.Indeed, over a dozen states still don't have a single E85 pump available, so motorists can only run their vehicles on straight gasoline.Likely it will take more than an act of Congress to promote E85.

Some believe that a national consensus, much like the one Americans had during the 1960s to put a man on the moon, will be the only thing that pushes E85 to the forefront.Others are relying on less intrusive methods, namely hybrid technology or they are hoping that hydrogen powered technology gains ground.Importantly, the use of E85 fuels can have a positive impact on the environment. Harmful fuel emissions are greatly reduced and we all benefit. One special note: Fuel mileage does drop by an average of 17% when using E85, so ethanol prices must be kept low in order to make E85 a viable alternative to foreign oil.


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By: Matthew Keegan

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