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CollectorCarTraderOnlinecom Launches New Website Dedicated tothe Buying and Selling of Exotic Vehi

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Sarah Breeding (877) 354-4066 ext 6059 voice (757) 282-6025 fax Launches New Website Dedicated to the Buying and Selling of Exotic Vehicles.

Virginia Beach, Virginia ? July 6, 2005 ? [], a division of, announced the launch of its newest Web site specifically for the exotic vehicle market. ExoticTraderOnline.

com is an online site for those interested in buying and selling exotic cars. The site combines the user-friendly format of with a modern, sleek feel and a database of exotic vehicles only. The website will give dealers an opportunity to reach people who are specifically interested in exotic vehicles.

"We found that many of our dealers were successful with and were looking for an avenue to specifically target the exotic market. So, we decided to create a forum for exotic dealers to showcase and sell their inventory online and have it reach a more targeted audience," says Marcus Dame, Business Development Manager, CollectorCarTraderOnline.

com. " gives these dealers what they want; the same value, professionalism and results provided by but aimed directly at the niche market of exotic vehicles.

" Exotic Dealers and private party sellers will be able to tap into the traffic coming to searching for exotic vehicles. People who come to to search for exotics will automatically be redirected to ExoticTraderOnline.

com. is the Web's premier online classified site for specialty vehicles. They receive approximately 1.5 million visitors, 9 million searches, and 28 million page views monthly.

For more information, contact Sarah Breeding at (877)354-4066 ext 6059 or visit ### .

By: Sarah Breeding

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