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Choosing Your Truck Bed Covers

Truck bed covers, also referred to as lids are an excellent way to keep your belongings stored safely away from the ravages of weather and prying eyes while keeping them close at hand. While truck bed covers aren't for those who will need every available inch of vertical cargo space they are good choices for those who want to be able to store small items in the bed of their truck often but keep those items safe from sticky fingers that seem to abound in today's society. These truck bed covers also protect your belongings from blowing in the wind as well as from being ruined by rain or sun. Another great and often unexpected benefit of truck bed covers however, is the fact that these covers often serve to improve fuel economy by minimizing the drag.

Not a bad little side benefit if you ask me. Prices may be slightly declining at the moment but I firmly believe that is only a temporary thing and everything you can do to lower your fuel consumption will eventually save you money. There are essentially two types of truck bed covers: hard body covers and soft body covers. Hard body covers are the way to go if you are going for security as they are a hard surface and they are lockable.

This means that the possibility of the theft of your belongings is far less likely. The hard body coverings will cost more than vinyl but when it comes to security it's worth the extra money. These can be painted to match the body of your truck and even (if you so desire) have matching graphics added to them for the right price. The drawback to these is if you need the vertical space in your truck frequently, the hard truck bed covers are not always easy to remove and some don't allow for their removal at all. If you are going to need to haul cargo frequently, your best bet is likely to be the soft bed truck covers.

These covers don't offer nearly the security of their hard body counterparts, but they are convenient to adjust, add, and remove whenever the need arises. While they aren't as rigid as the hard tops, they can hold their own in most weather situations even being able to handle up to twelve inches of snow or rain. Some are even strong enough to support the weight of two people standing on them.

If you are a nature lover, you can even opt for tent attachment for your truck cover for those camping weekends with the family. Truck bed covers have many uses and offer a great deal of versatility to the average consumer. The biggest problem for most is going to be whether or not to sacrifice the vertical space in order to have the added security in the bed of your truck or to opt for the soft truck bed cover which offers less security but some nifty features of its own.

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