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Aston Martin Dash Cover

Even at a first glance people may realize how the super slanted windscreen of the contemporary Aston Martin can affect the dash of the expensive car with the burst of sunrays invading the interior of the vehicle. Apart from the heat effect that can distort the delicate dash panels, the UV radiation certainly have telling effects on the various gauges and meters clustered within the dash. The only way the dash can be saved is by way of providing it with a UV-resistant Covers4auto Aston Martin Dash Cover, especially crafted for the automobile.

A well-fitting Covers4auto Aston Martin Custom dash cover softens the polyvinyl appearance of the vehicle’s interior décor while providing protection to the dashboard and the driver. As Covers4auto Aston Martin dashboard covers are pre-conceived from specifications gathered from the automaker and generated through CAD (computer aided design), they are almost 100% perfect. Besides, all sensors, beepers, LED warning lights, cup-holders and safety airbag opening chutes are carefully sorted out at the inception stage so that they do not create any operative obstruction. The ‘zigzag’ stitch used during the making of the Aston Martin dash covers work as a hinge to hug the soft contours of the dash in a graceful embrace, preventing the cover to curl up at the edges.

Covers4auto Aston Martin dashboard covers are available in a wide array of materials that include Velour, Poly-Carpet and Designer Fashion Print Velour. While the Poly-Carpet version provides tough yet striking polyester non-tufted low-pile life-time warranted fade-resistant cover, the velour may become the natural choice for such a classy automobile. Backed with extra foam cushioning and treated with anti-flame coating it may be considered as the ideal dash cover for Aston Martins in their various shapes ad sizes. Some people also opt for Designer Fashion Print Velour with exciting designer prints for their Aston Martins.

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