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Abatement of Abandoned Cars

One of the biggest eyesores and issues, which hurt economic development, re-investment and the influx of capital to a city, county or region to propel growth is abandoned cars everywhere. These issues are difficult ones and abatement of abandoned automobiles can be very expensive.You see no wrecking company or tow yard wants the old rusted vehicles, as they are not even salvageable and after decaying it is even tough on the scrap metal value.

Thus you cannot get anyone to take them away for free and no body wants the junk when you do? You generally cannot simply throw them into a landfill considering all the pollution they create such as excessive heavy metals, asbestos brakes, lubricants, oil and fluids; all of which are environmental hazards.Shipping the cars to a toxic waste dump in another state can cost $500-1500 plus once they get there generally the fees are by the pound. Many older abandoned gas-guzzler type cars weigh in at 2.5 tons or more and well you can see the problems. But if the city, town, county or region does not get rid of these old cars then no one will be investing in area and real estate prices will remain low.If capitalist, developers and business people do not feel comfortable with getting a return on there investment then they will not invest their money, would you?.

So what is the answer? Well new technologies to recycle all the elements of these cars meaning that someone wants this old junk so they can recycle them and make money. That means there is money involved in the removal and abatement process of these abandoned cars. That is what is needed and I hope you will consider all this in 2006.


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