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The 2009 Aston Martin Dbs for Undercover Ops

Don’t the cool guys seem to always pick some of the fastest and sleekest designed cars? Well, then it should be no surprise that James Bond will be sporting a serious and speedy vehicle, namely the 2009 Aston Martin DBS in the upcoming film “Quantum of Solace”. The V12 exotic sports car has a 6.0 liter engine with an exquisite interior hand finished that is attractive to common and rich folk alike. The aerodynamic design makes it even better suited for espionage.

The Aston Martin DBS zooms from zero to sixty in just 4.2 seconds. Underneath the hood, it puts out up to 510 hp. At only 3737 pounds of weight this exotic feline will hit the roads a blazing and top out at 191 mph according to reliable testing sources.

The 2009 DBS provides an optional six-speed automatic transaxle, 2+2 seats, 20-inch wheels and an audio by Bang & Olufsen. The design and layout is the same as the DB9 with a bit more sleekness. The body is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. One of the new colors for this model is aptly named Quantum Silver

For 2009, the Aston Martin DBS comes equipped with new vented carbon ceramic brake discs which are a first for an off-track Aston Martin. These are custom designed to align with the double wishbone alloy suspension that features damper control which utilizes two separate valves to set the damper for five different positions. This feature is an important trait if you want to possess instant adjustment of the car’s handling characteristics and out maneuver the thumbs up road warriors trying to beat you to the club or international airport.

Gentlemen, if you are considering getting one, not as a spy, what could possibly stop you when you can rent one first to get a feel of the superior handling and awesome design before using a fraction of available funds to acquire it for a cool $265,000.

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